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B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


Students to become a Professional Mechanical Engineer with ethical behavior.


To inculcate in students comprehensive principles of Mechanical Engineering along with technical and analytical skills embedded with ethical values, social responsibilities, self learning and team spirit.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Provide Students in-depth knowledge on basic concepts with a sound understanding of the fundamental principles, methods and make them to understand the core subjects and apply, appropriate to the discipline of Mechanical Engineering which enable them to pursue higher studies
  • Students shall attain professionalism through their skill to analyze, decide and act by designing and experimenting in sophisticated laboratories with latest software
  • Students shall develop logical thinking with good communication, and have a broad range of knowledge and computing skills capable of meeting the present and future demands which enable them IT friendly
  • Students shall be industry adaptive through a degree structure that is relevant to industry, responsive to changes in technology and the needs of the society with good attitude and social responsibility
  • Students shall develop self learning ability through an environment that is intellectually stimulating and gain an attitude of independent learning and enquiry, life-long
  • Students shall excel as a part of team through a range of individual and group projects both curricular and co-curricular which stimulate innovation and teamwork and tune their skills to face and solve any challenges in life as a part of multi and inter disciplinary teams

Programme Outcomes

    1. Students acquire knowledge required for a degree, including the ability to

  • articulate disciplinary and interdisciplinary theories, concepts, principles, skills and practices.
  • apply knowledge to solve problems and make decisions.
  • 2. Students demonstrate critical thinking, including the ability to

  • evaluate, analyze, and integrate information from a variety of sources.
  • use appropriate strategies and tools to conduct investigation in most appropriate manner
  • 3. Students communicate effectively and they are able to

  • demonstrate effective oral communication to a variety of audience.
  • present the work effectively in report forms.
  • 4. Students practice personal and social responsibility, including the ability to

  • understand ethical values and to practice.
  • recognize an ethical dilemma and apply rational decision making.
  • respond to human needs like environment protection.
  • 5. Students prepare to engage in lifelong learning, including the ability to

  • exhibit the skills necessary to acquire, organize, reorganize and interpret new knowledge.
  • show proficiency in current technologies and the ability to adapt to emerging technologies.
  • 6. Students work collaboratively, including the ability to

  • participate effectively in teams.
  • consider different points of view.
  • work innovatively with others to support a shared purpose or goal or projects.

About the Course

Mechanical Engineering is one of the pioneering departments in the University. It has its beginning along with the University in 1985.

It has been rated as No.1 department among all the engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu according to the survey conducted by "The Week" Magazine. It is approved as a "Research Centre for Collaborative Research with Anna University" for the award of PhD/M.S (by research) in year 2007. The department offers three PG Programs viz, M.E. (Computer Aided Design) started in the year 1997, M.E. (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning) started in the year 2003 and M.E.(Thermal Engineering) in the year 2007. Research facilities are available in the areas of Mechanical Engineering Design, Dynamics and Vibration analysis, Mechatronics, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Internal Combustion Engines, Thermal Engineering, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineering. The course assists our engineering students in developing competence and confidence in creative application of design process.

Duration : 4 Years