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M.Tech Aeronautical Engineering with specialization in Composites

  • M.Tech Aeronautical Engineering with specialization in Composites

About the Course

New aircraft and other challenging engineering applications are becoming increasingly dependent upon the unique capabilities of high performance composite materials. This course addresses the broad field of advanced composites and is designed by experts from the college, other universities, major aerospace companies and government research organizations. The course appeals to graduates of engineering, materials science, physics or chemistry. Students develop an outstanding knowledge of composite technology allowing them to take up specialist roles in industry and research.

Salient Features

The lectures that are delivered during the course is arranged in a series of modules. Modules include:

  • Analytical techniques, fractography, electrical characteristics
  • Composite systems (polymer, metal, ceramic)
  • Design, joining, finite element analysis
  • Detection of defects, non-destructive evaluation
  • Fibre/matrix interfaces
  • Introduction to composites, fibres
  • Laminate analysis
  • Manufacturing science
  • Mechanical testing; fracture
  • Stiffness and strength
  • Stress analysis

Career Opportunities

The students after completing their course get placed in top aeronautical industries and government agencies in India, such as, the following;

Indian defence organizations such DRDO, DRDL, NAL, ISRO, etc.
Private organisations such as L&T, Mahindra Satyam, HCL, Saffron, Taneja Aerospace Limited, etc.
Overseas organizations such as Boeing, Airbus, MRO, GE, etc.

Duration : 2 Years