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B.Tech Information Security

  • B.Tech Information Security

About the Course

This course has been designed to provide knowledge and skill sets to protect the information in compliance with security policy requirements. This course is also designed to provide students with the necessary background and knowledge to identify security risks and develop appropriate counter measures.


The prominence of this course is to define information security along with key terms and critical concepts of information security. The course emphasizes on the information security development life cycle of an organization. This course consists of the following modules to be learnt as compulsory electives along with core subjects of computer science and engineering:

  • Information Architecture
  • Data and Database Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Software and Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Security Governance, Risk and Compliance


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • investigate, analyze and assess the security risks of organizational information
  • implement security mechanisms for software and applications
  • plan and implement corporate information security policies
  • perform security audits and maintain the security of information


The need for information security has been there since the invention of mainframe computers. Cyber security is one of the current key areas in which there is a demand for lot of security professionals in the government, IT industry and public sector organisations. The students taking up this course can become security professionals which includes chief information security officers, risk assessment specialists, security policy developers etc. There is also lot of research avenues in this area.

Duration : 4 Years