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B.Tech Chemical Engineering

  • B.Tech Chemical Engineering

About the Course

Chemical Engineering involves the design and maintenance of chemical plants and the development of chemical processes for converting raw materials or chemicals into valuable forms including those to remove chemicals from waste materials, to enable large-scale manufacture.

It combines knowledge of Chemistry and Engineering for the production of chemicals and related by-products. This branch of engineering is a varied field, covering areas from biotechnology and nanotechnology to mineral processing.

It covers various fields of chemical technology in mineral based industries, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibres, petroleum refining plants etc.


A chemical engineer is required to:

  • To design equipments and operate chemical plants.
  • To determine the problems and find the best methods of production.
  • To create synthetic replacements for those natural materials and resources those are in short supply.
  • To improve and maintain of the quality of human life.
    As these requirements are in great demand, the scope for a chemical engineer is vast and varied when compared to the other branches of engineering.

Career Prospects

The job prospectus and career options of a chemical engineer are varied. A chemical engineer can find a job in:

  • Textiles sector
  • Chemical industries
  • Mineral-based industries
  • Paints and Dyes
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Petroleum refining plants
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Fertilizer technology
  • Refineries
  • R & D sectors

Duration : 4 Years