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B.Tech Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering

  • B.Tech Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering

About the Course

Civil Engineering with structural engineering involves planning, designing, executing and maintaining of structural works. Civil Engineers develop infrastructure to have a profound effect on the society considering the function, aesthetics, economics and sustainability.

Course overview

The course includes basic sciences, mathematics, engineering graphics and computing techniques in the first year. Building drawing and the other laboratory classes help the students to understand Civil Engineering in a practical way. In the second year, the fundamental principles are applied to study the behaviour of Solids, Fluids and Soils. Transportation Engineering and Environmental Engineering are also introduced. In the third year, Analysis and Design of Steel and Concrete structures and Foundation Engineering are focused. From the third year, electives are offered in the areas of Structural Engineering. Students can opt for special electives such as:

  • Concrete Technology
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Ground Improvement Techniques
  • Modern Construction Materials
  • Aseismic Design of Structures
  • Wind Engineering
  • Bridge Structures
  • Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures
  • Tall Structures

In the final year, students have to undertake a design project and a main project in the areas of Structural Engineering.

Career Opportunities

Structural Engineers can find jobs in Government departments, such as PWD., Railways Department, Highways Department, Engineers India Ltd.,DRDO., ISRO., BARC. ONGC., SERC., Private and Public sector industries such as L & T., TCS., DLF., Eversendai Construction Pvt Ltd.,Gammon India., research and teaching institutions. There is always a high demand for experienced Structural Engineers globally.

Duration : 4 Years